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Access Center

RMA Access center is being led by a Board Certified and experienced Interventional Nephrologist. He received his interventional training at Louisiana State University and served as a faculty member at the University of Tennessee as an interventionist. Dr. Banerjee is ASDIN Certified. Dr. Banerjee’s experience includes more than 5000 dialysis access cases.

The RMA Vascular Access Center team is comprised of Medical Director Dr Banerjee; Bobbi Woods, Clinical Manager; Board Certified Radiology Technician Manny Rodriquez; Registered Nurses and Patient Care Technicians.

The certified staff are committed to the treatment and care of the vascular access with the focus of providing a friendly and comfortable environment while giving quality customer service.

Our mission is to serve patients on dialysis or close to dialysis with all their dialysis access needs. We are serving patients all over New Mexico. Hemodialysis vascular access has been described as the “lifeline” of the dialysis patient. At the RMA Access Center, our goal is to help create andprotect this lifeline. This expert care is provided according to national guidelines and standards and in a more expeditious and timely way to maintain the life of dialysis patients.

If you wish to refer a patient Please fill our following information:

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RMA Staff member will get back within next 2 business days.

Please call office directly to make an appointment if consult or referral is urgent.

Vascular Appointment Line                           505 998 7461

Bobbie Woods                                                   505 998 7464

Dr Satyaki Banerjee                                           505 998 7466