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Transplant Team

Why Choose Presbyterian as Your Transplant Center?

Our team of nephrologists, surgeons, coordinators, social workers, pharmacists, and nutritionists strive to provide the best experience for our patients. Our transplant coordinators staff guides and supports patients during all steps of the process, from the referral,  to the operation and many years after the transplant. Our survival rates at one and three years are within national averages and are publicly accessible at.:


SRTR User Guide

From initial screening through in-hospital preparation and education, and during the extended period of follow-up care, nurse coordinators provide treatment, information, and most importantly, close personal support. At any time, patients and their families can speak with someone who  cares and someone who can help immediately regardless of the issue or problem.

We believe that the deep, personal bonds that develop between coordinators and patients are essential to our work and crucial to the overall success of the program.



Renal Transplant Services Team Members
(505) 841-1434 or 1-800-597-7217
Medical Assistants Ext 0
Darlene Carrasco, MA
Gonzalo Silva, MA
Jamie Duran, MA

RN Transplant Coordinators Ext 2
Sheri Powell, RN, CCTC, Recipient Coordinator
Lisa Guthrie, RN, BSN, CCTC, Recipient Coordinator
Amy Heflin, RN, Recipient Coordinator
Lynn Kerbe, RN, Transplant Coordinator
Melissa Roberts, RN, MSN, Living Donor Coordinator

Transplant Social Workers Ext 3
Julia Burris, LISW
Laurie Pugsley, LISW

Financial Coordinator Ext 4
Marc Bush

Front Desk Scheduler Ext 8
Consuelo Perez

Department Secretary Ext 1
Cheryl Bramley

Department Manager Ext 5
Brenna Trujillo, RN, CCTC

Transplant Nephrologists–Renal Medicine Associates (505) 998-7400
Kirby Gabrys, MD, Transplant Program Medical Director
Gustavo Espino, MD
Sonam Kundeling, MD
Biju Cherian, MD
Jayant Kumar, MD
Leonard Romero, MD
Fidel Barrantes, MD
Chudi Adi, MD

Transplant Surgeons–New Mexico Surgical Associates (505) 843-7901
Robert Lowe, MD, Transplant Program Surgical Director
Joseph Lopez, MD
Marc O’Cleireachain, MD