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The Healthy Kitchen

Kidney Friendly Recipes

Special diets are often difficult to follow because they soon become boring and uninteresting. Favorite every day and special occasion recipes are here to make meals more pleasurable and the diets easier to follow.

Directions are easy to follow and can be printed. Recipes are modified for sodium, potassium, protein and fluid control. Most recipes use ingredients already at hand; only a few dietetic foods are required.

Every occasion brings an opportunity to make healthy choices for your kidneys. These kidney-friendly recipes provide a tasty way to enjoy your meals while taking care of yourself.

What you eat is just important as how much. People with kidney disease need to watch their potassium, phosphorus, sodium, fat and protein intake.

Prepared, pre-packaged foods tend to be high in sodium, contributing to hypertension and making extra work for your kidneys.

Overindulging in unhealthy snacks can quickly put on the pounds, adding to the risk of developing diabetes which, in turn, can lead to kidney disease. (However, it is important for those with kidney disease to make sure they get enough calories to remain healthy.)