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Studies with Completed Enrollment

2009 – present – Altitude Study, sponsored by Novartis Pharmaceuticals
Goal: to evaluate if addition of Aliskiran (Tekturna) would decrease progression of chronic kidney disease (CKD) in patient with type 2 diabetes.
Inclusion criteria: Patients with Stage 3 CKD, well controlled type 2 diabetes with proteinuria and well controlled blood pressure.

  • Study is closed and will be finalizing the safety followup data 2013.

2012 – 2015 – Polycystic Kidney Disease (ADPKD) quality of life study, sponsored by Otsuka Pharmaceuticals
Goal: to evaluate the quality of life for patients with ADPKD throughout a 3-year study.  MRIs of the kidneys will be done to evaluate if the size of kidney cysts decrease quality of life – no medication.
Inclusion criteria: Any stage of CKD with enlarged kidneys due to ADPKD, no medication changes.

  • Study has closed enrollment and will be following patients for 3 years.

2013 – 2014 – Access study – study to evaluate bio-equivalent generic epogen to epogen in patients on dialysis, sponsored by Sandoz pharmaceuticals
Goal: to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of generic epogen administered subcutaneously.
Inclusion criteria: on dialysis for over 6 months, requiring epogen, attend dialysis regularly and have had no recent gastro-intestinal bleeding or history of thrombus (i.e. blood clot) or history of lupus.

  • Study completed recruitment presently.

2014 -2015 A study to evaluate effects of Nalbuphine HCL  on itching and scratching to a orally administered medication in patients with End stage Renal disease and Patients  who are on dialysis with chronic itching problem, sponsored by Trevi Therapeutics pharmaceuticals.

  • Inclusion criteria: Patients with a End stage Renal disease and  are on dialysis with chronic itching problem.