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At RMA, we are committed to serving the community beyond our clinic or hospital services.  We are proud of our record of involvement and efforts to give back to our community. We started two non-profit organizations to assist us in achieving these important goals. 

Nonprofit Support

New Mexico Kidney Foundation

We believe in patients' education and disease prevention. That’s why we supported the conception and implementation of the New Mexico Kidney Foundation. The goal of the non-profit organization is to organize providers, patients, and volunteers to increase awareness and education of renal disease in the state. 

The foundation, which started as the RMA started Non Profit RMA Kidney Foundation in 2005, also sponsors philanthropic projects in patients affected with end-stage kidney disease.  

Drums of Hope, Inc

Renal Medicine Associates’ Dr. Chudi Adi started Drums of Hope in 2017. The 501(c)3 charitable corporation aims to assist refugees and immigrants by providing basic needs including assistance with food, shelter, and clothing to help them become self-sufficient.

Drums of Hope facilitates delivery of healthcare to underserved populations and provides assistance with learning English. Additionally, the organization coordinates job placement and skills training to enable integration into society. 

In addition to forming two non-profits to serve the needs of the community, Renal Medicine Associates has given generously to the following organizations.   

RMA donation to National Kidney Foundation 

Renal Medicine Associates annually supports the fundraising efforts of the National Kidney Foundation in New Mexico. Additionally, we sponsor the yearly New Mexico Kidney Walk. 

RMA donation to Presbyterian Health Care Foundation
We believe in partnering with local health organizations to support programs that help patients and the community at large. To date, Renal Medicine Associates has contributed more than $250,000 to the Presbyterian Healthcare Foundation. Additionally, we are the single largest contributor ($200,000) to Presbyterian Community Health. 

We were awarded the 2019 Presbyterian Health Care foundation Physician philanthropic award which is awarded to physicians who have supported the mission of Presbyterian Healthcare Services through acts of service and generous financial support.

RMA continues to contribute yearly to the efforts and community projects of the Presbyterian Health Foundation. 

Medical School Support

Renal Medicine Associates is a teaching organization. We are proud to have third and fourth-year Medical School students from Burrell College of Osteopathic Medicine rotate at our offices. 

The Burrell College students are given the opportunity to shadow in the transplant center clinic and watch procedures. Their rotations allow them to become familiar and learn about office, interventional and in hospital nephrology.

“As a Certified Family Nurse Practitioner in Nephrology, my efforts are also extended into my community. Through my church, we regularly go out and provide meals for the homeless. In addition, we collect clothes and take this along as well. I feel my fellowship in the community is advantageous because of my medical background. Most homeless have medical diseases and along with myself and others, we have been able to provide them with resources for medical help or guide them if their desire is to get off the streets'' Liza Lucero