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At Renal Medicine Associates, we believe that education is important for disease prevention and is helping to manage chronic kidney disease. That’s why we actively speak in the community and take part in activities that educate the public about kidney disease as much as we can. 

Here is a snapshot of our presentations and speeches. 

For patients:

Fidel Barrantes, MD

  • Virtual talks on NM Facebook live education program
  • Kidney health and how hypertension affects the kidney. March 2021 - Online program-Consulado de Mexico in Albuquerque -2021
  • Virtual talk to the New Mexico Ultrasound Society - Utility of ultrasound for kidney transplant and single kidney-pancreas transplantation” 2021

Hector Castro, MD

  • How diabetes can cause kidney problems? March 2021 Online program - Consulado de Mexico in Albuquerque

For providers:

Annual Southwest Nephrology Symposium meeting organized by Renal Medicine Associates Nurse Practitioners

Nurses practitioners at RMA are committed to educating providers regarding dialysis and different aspects of renal disease care. 

 In the last 14 years RMA has supported their nurse practitioners’ efforts to increase awareness and education of renal care among New Mexico Health Providers.

The 14th Annual Southwest Nephrology Symposium was organized in collaboration with New Mexico Kidney Foundation. 

  • Organization Committee
    • Elizabeth Evans, DNP
    • Leslie Dork, DNP
    • NP Liza Lucero, NP
    • Lan Nguyen, DNP
    • Stephanie Mahooty, DNP 
    • Nicole Pacheco, NP
    • Richard Herrera, NP 
    • Stephen K Samoei, NP 
    • Sandra Geubelle, PA