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Chronic Kidney Disease Management

One of the major focuses of our practice is to focus on prevention of chronic kidney disease (CKD) progression to later stages that will lead to dialysis or kidney transplantation.
Early recognition and intervention are essential to slowing disease progression, maintaining quality of life and improving outcomes.

Individual who are at risk for chronic kidney disease are:
People older than 50 years-old.
People with history of diabetes mellitus.
Cardiovascular Diseases.
People who had Previous Episode(s) of Acute Renal Failure,
People with Family History of Kidney Diseases.

CKD is the end results of multiple factors such as aging, uncontrolled diabetes, hypertension, kidney stones, obesity, medications that are toxic for the kidneys, etc.
Our providers apply evidenced based approach to minimize risk for further decline of kidney disease when possible.

clinicOur clinic provides comprehensive care of patients with different stages of chronic kidney disease.
Our group has created a CKD clinic that is led by experienced nurse practitioners, this clinic is open from Monday to Friday and its main goal is to prevent further kidney disease progression, correct abnormalities associates to CKD progression (such as anemia, hypertension, electrolyte abnormalities, etc) and prepare patients who are in latest stages of CKD to a successful transition to end stage renal therapies (dialysis or kidney transplantation).
Our clinic also provides full medical management for patients who patients who are the last stages of CKD but are not candidates or does not want to pursue dialysis or transplantation.