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My name is Celeste Childers, and I am a current patient at the renal associates. When I was asked a couple of days ago what I thought of the Renal Associates, I had so many feelings immediately flooding me with good emotions. I met Doctor Richard Cronin when I was only about 13 or 14 […]


Dear Renal Meds I wish to comment on the service provided by Deborah and Michele to Allie Jo Nichols. Ms. Nichols has been seeing both these practitioners for some time now. She and I (Ruth Ann Anderson, RN, her sister) have been treated with respect and full caring in regard to Ms. Nichols treatment. We […]


Renal Medicine has been a part of my life since my kidneys failed. Dr. Gabrys and everyone on The Team have guided me through this life changing experience. Through their education, care and monitoring of my health, I have learned the true value of my second chance. Everyone involved, from the Front Office Coordinators to […]


I have been blessed with the care that I have received at Renal Medicine. Since my transplant, 5 years ago, Dr. Kumar has shown great care and concern for my health. I had signs of the FSGS returning shortly after transplant, but with proper treatment, all is going well today. Dr. Kumar has involved both […]


A few years ago, I began experiencing abdominal pain. My Doctor sent me for an ultra sound of that abdomen. I found out that I had a tumor on my abdomen gland and needed to see a nephrologist. I did not know one, so I decided I would have to check under physicians for one […]